Friday, July 8, 2011

Bella ate a...

Crayon!  My 16 month old ate a purple crayon.  It was really more of a nibble but lets just say I'm glad they are non-toxic.  Bella loves to color so naturally I let her.  I am always coloring with her since she is so young but my oldest daughter was asking me a question and I turned my head for what was literally one minute and she shoves the crayon in her mouth!  She saw the opportunity and took it!  It was actually quite funny because she looked so pleased with herself.  She was like "Yes finally, I have been wanting to do that for months!"

So in tribute to the deceased purple crayon, here are a few things I found on Etsy.

Bella is a BIG Dr. Seuss fan so I felt this was appropriate ;)
Check out more prints at

How much fun would it be to color with these yummy crayons! Bella would definitely want to eat these!
More unique crayon creations at

This is some of the coolest, most creative art!  I love this.  It would be perfect for a playroom or art studio or anyroom really!  Find more fabulous crayon art in many different colors at

I hope you enjoyed these as much as Bella enjoyed her sneaky taste of that poor purple crayon!

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