Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In need of a little optimism!  I am a big believer in words, actions and attitude having a major affect on a persons day.  There are studies somewhere that show that simply smiling when you feel down can brighten your mood.  This works for me.  I'm not saying that if I am totally bummed about something in particular that I feel completely better if I just smile, but it definitely doesn't make me feel worse!  I love that if I am in a crabby mood I can turn on some music and dance with my kids and all seems right with the world for at least 3.5 minutes.  This all may seem a bit off course to you but I do have a point to this rambling.  Lately I have been feeling a bit...discouraged.  At times it seems as if no matter how often I say, "Everything will work out" I myself have a hard time believing it.  In search of renewed optimism for family woes, financial woes and just life woes in general, I of course turn to Etsy!  So I give you my optimum :) optimistic choices!

Ahhh, delicious.  Be you.  Because who could do it better?
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My son LOVES fruit loops.  He would eat them at every meal if I let him.  This art speaks to me because in a world where every teenager is trying to fit in with the "popular" crowd, this says "Hey it's cool to be different, duh fruit loops rock!"
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I want to shout from the rooftops how much I love this print.  These words mean so much to me it is hard to explain.  Sometimes I think as women we get so caught up in the everyday tasks that we forget how truly unique we are and if we just believe we can do it...we can!  Love it!
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Well I feel better already!  Thanks for coming along with me in my search for the optimist in me!

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