Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ironing is not fun

Today was a day of filled with "what ifs".  I try not to ask myself that question too much because I really can get carried away.  My morning started out with a question of "Why don't you iron my shirts?"  After the bickering that I won't bore you with, I really started to think about "time" and "what if I had more".  I quickly came to the realization that even if I did have more time I wouldn't iron because ironing is not fun.  This is the point that I had my "Ah-Ha" moment.  We should all have more fun!  I'm not saying to forget the responsibilities that every grown up faces, but we need to leave more time for the fun stuff.  The stuff we truly enjoy doing.  For me, that is hanging out with my family and making jewelry!  Since my husband was working and 2 of my kids were at the museum with their aunt I chose to make jewelry ALL DAY!  It was great!  Sure I had some interruptions with the baby and had to watch "Bolt" again, but that was great too!  In the midst of all this fun I started dreaming about "What if I made it as a jewelry designer?" I'm not talking multi-millionaire but having a good steady business.  How amazing would that be??  So then... Like I said, I can get carried away with the "what ifs".  I started thinking about what my husband and I would do if we both ran 2 successful businesses (he's an Electrician with the plan to take over his step dad's business).  Oh talk about fun!  Think about the date nights we could have!  That is when the search began.  Etsy is my Google so naturally I went on a search for some fabulous date night attire.

This is the dress I would wear to an amazing night out with my hubby!  Isn't it so beautiful. 
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I thought this headband went perfectly with my "Roman" dress. has this amazing work of art

Such a breathtaking change (normally I'm carrying a diaper bag)!
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Life should be about enjoying what you are doing as much as humanly possible.  Are you having "fun" in your everyday adventures?

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